Thursday, November 29, 2012

Presentation-Convergence Black Film Project

Hollywood!!!! Black films..

Let me begin by pointing out the rules of this game!!

Black Representation in Hollywood!!!! How can we have a place at the table, when we weren't even invited to the dinner!!! A Direnism!!!

Hollywood!  When I think about Media, movies and television always  leads the discussion with a large exclusion of great black actors in fims.  In America, there seems to be two different audiences, one black and one white.  The white auudience enjoys watching buffoonery of black on any screen and the black audience  that wants to see the real life of blacks depicted in films .

  I chose to do a timeline video of the laok of black representation in hollywood to bring attention to the fact that although there are more black actors and actressses today, there is still more work needed to make Hollywood more inclusive.   Race, Gender and Class should not be major factors when choosen an actor for a role, but the best actor for a role should be chosen,

In order for Hollywood to be seen as inclusive to black actors, it has to eliminate all of the false and scarce portrayals of Black culture. Although there are black directed who perpetuate stereotypes, Hollywood is still operating under the white patriarchy system that controls the film industry.  The perception of blacks has to change to insue an equal playing field in Hollywood. 

I hope this project will make audiences, think, engage and become more socially active in what is seen and sold to us on the big screen.! Let's stop accepting anything  that does not tell our whole truth! Just because a few blacks win Oscars each year, does not validate that all is well in tinsel town!

Direne Price -Rutgers U.(Concept, Images)
Lilia Kuksina-Columbia U, (Screen Format, Special Effect)
Giselle Flores -Rutgers U. (Audio)


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